Illuxplain Project

Online screen drawing screen application with JSON instantly and with low bandwidth has possible.

Illuxplain, uses XMPP which is for chat messaging protocol. The screen is shared through tracing the drawing users x,y coordinates and storing temporary in memory, after the user finishes drawing the coordinates are send to connected users, they receives the message has simple text messages. However, on arrival of the messages, these messages are parsed to pixel and are drawn on the screens.

There are other features in this application, user can create and login. User can create groups through adding other user’s username. User can share file to other users. User can chat with connected users.

Business flow

  1. User create and login with account
  2. User create session and send invites to user by adding username
  3. Other(invited) user see the invitation on the screen. If user accept the invitation
  4. Canvas is opened for drawing


This application can be used for education purpose and management purpose for traffic management or managing/planing picinics

The canvas acts like a whiteboard, were user can teach other user educational topics, or share and engage with other users remotely for planning and managing stuffs etc

Source code: Github-Illuxplain
Unfortunately, I had lost the copy of HTTP server (REST api) source code’s copy.
External link for view the project in action: Project-Video-URL


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