Transition has happened from Oracle Java EE to Jakarta EE (Eclipse Foundation). It has evolved Java EE to MicroProfile API (May be a next step of Java EE). Nothing has changed, learning Java EE is enough to know about MicroProfile. MicroProfile is a bunch of libraries for developing enterprise application. If Java EE knowledge is … Continue reading MicroProfile

Support Vector Machines

SVM or large margin classifier are similar to other machine learning classification algorithm such as logistic regression. It is defined as given the labeled data, the algorithm find the optimal plane to categorizes. Other algorithms such as Neural Network and Logistic regression, SVM gives clear view of learning for non-linear function. Logistic regression (sigmod function) … Continue reading Support Vector Machines

Apache Spark (Dataframe and Dataset)

As to target wider range of audience in “Big Data” spark introduced Data Frame API for users. RDD API is also elegant, it reduces thousand line of code to dozens however, RDD API are now consider as low level API because it requires developer to know much about internal working of apache spark in order … Continue reading Apache Spark (Dataframe and Dataset)

Apache Spark Basic 2

Reduction operations combines the list of elements to produce single combined results. Operations like fold, reduce, groupByKey and aggregate iterates over the elements to produce single combine element. Lets go through different types of reduction operations in Apache Spark Fold vs Fold Left vs Aggregate Fold Left is not recommended to used because it is not parallelized, whereas fold function is … Continue reading Apache Spark Basic 2

Apache Spark Basics 1

Quote from Apache Spark documents Apache Sparkā„¢ is a unified analytics engine for large-scale data processing. Spark is popularity is increasing rapidly among the big data. Spark is one of the key for big data distributed processing.  First before dive into spark one have to know little about Hadoop, then later the pure purpose of the … Continue reading Apache Spark Basics 1

Recommendation System

The most essential way to grow the businesses and make more customers more satisfied with the services. It is very important to understand the needs and interest of the customers. The recommendation system are developed in order to know about the customers and thus offer products or services to the customers accordingly. These recommendation systems … Continue reading Recommendation System